Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enchantment Book Promotion

Do you follow Guy Kawasaki on Twitter? If so, then you know he likes to talk. A lot. Like, 20 tweets per hour. The man has things to say. So it's no surprise that his ninth book comes out next week. Enchantment is Guy's effort to teach the rest of us how to win friends and influence people, like he does! It's a "how to" guide that will lead you down the road to entrepreneurial success, with tips on everything from social media to wardrobe choices.
Want to know how enchanting you are? Take the quiz here!
In a nutshell, here's your one-stop guide to achieving likability and enchanting your boss.

Enchantment <span class=Infographic">

If you haven't had your fill of enchanting fun just yet, mosey on over to the Enchantment Facebook photo contest and help me win a new camera. Click here to vote for Iris (grandbaby) and Lola (black cat) in the pets category and click here to vote for Carlie in the kids category.

Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment from Penguin Press available in stores March 8.
This is an uncompensated book review.


Kathy said...

Well, did you like the book?

Shana said...

You know, I am not in a place in my life right now where a self-help book for success in the (primarily) workforce is going to be my cup of tea. So it's hard for me to say I liked or didn't like it. It's well written and Guy Kawasaki is a pretty incredible man with a lot to share.

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