Friday, September 7, 2012

Pimp my condo

So, I am totally fixated on this bedroom storage idea, because having more space to stow my shit is an infinitely better option than having to get rid of my shit. I've already downsized, so shut up. we are just cramped. for. space up in this condo.

If you click here to the blog post on Young House Love, you'll see that what's behind those curtains on each side of the bed are Ikea wardrobes. I think the look is nice, and the extra storage is exactly what I need. Neeeeeeeeed. I'll still stick with my funky vintage decor (though this posh look does speak to me) but the main idea here is getting that storage space and having it look nice and finished, versus haphazard (which is exactly my style).

bedside bedroom storage at Young House Love
my bedroom, storageless

another shot, to show how ridiculously awesome that ceiling angle is
So my question to you, oh creative folks, is how can I pull this off given the ridiculous (yet awesome) crazy ceiling in my bedroom? The space on each side of the bed is the perfect size for nice tall storage units, but what about the top? What can I do with that? My brain is empty. I've already got spots mapped out to reuse my fabulous 1950's night stands and 1930's lamps. My big problem is how to "finish" the top of the storage units for a built in ish look, given the ceiling weirdness.

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