Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall (at least in the morning)

This morning feels like fall. Yesterday morning felt like fall too, and it actually lasted throughout the day. Hopefully, fall is here. But I'm going to wait to see if it "sticks" before I pack up the summer clothes. I snapped a photo of one of the 10 billion clusters of delicious grapes on our grapevines. We've got a mishmash of types of grapes, all yum.

Laptop update: I have signed up for the Getting Started class at the Apple Store, Saturday morning at 8:25. I have cool Mac friends offering to help me figure it out, but the class is free and my list of questions is extremely lame, and if I want to give off any aura of cool toting my Mac around town, I can't have people knowing that I couldn't figure out how to hook up a printer, now can I?

A friend took my fried laptop home with him last night. He is removing the hard drive, putting it into an external hard drive casing and, voila, my entire old hard drive will be accessible to me without paying for hours of labor for someone to sit and watch the data transfer. Life is good. And how cool is that? This is the most techo impressed I have been since my wrist band opened my hotel room door at Great Wolf. (Yes, I am still easily impressed.) Sometimes I get these glimpses of, wow, we ARE living in the future, just minus the flying cars.

When I was a Jetson-watching kid, I truly in my heart of hearts believed we'd be driving flying cars by the time I was old enough to drive. What a disappointment. Of course, now that I am a gas-guzzling SUV driver, the allure of flying cars is diminished. I am sure that any car that can actually fly would be more along the lines of a Smart Car than an SUV. Nothing against Smart cars, but I don't think I'd look good driving one.

Off to start the daily grind... gym in the morning, work in the afternoon, soccer practice in the evening, movie night with girlfriends when the sun goes down. Carlie is ridiculously excited because today is "free dress" at school. When you go to a school with uniforms, free dress is a BIG HONKING DEAL. It happens the last Friday of every month, but today is a special free dress for kids that participated in the summer reading program, so it's a double whammy. Not only does she get to wear her jeans, but she gets to strut around in front of kids in uniform who didn't read over the summer. She is also easily impressed.


groovyoldlady said...

Howdy, oh unzenlike one. I just became a fellow blogger of mediocrity and found you there on the mediocre website.

I LOVE my mac. Can't imagine working on a PC, Blech! Ptooey!

You'll learn to adore your new Apple friend. I promise!

Lisa Milton said...

As much as I've loved the heat, I'm ready for the trees to change and for cocoa.

There. I said it.

I guess it won't be long now.