Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting my Mac on

Weekend update: 
Friday - a tiny bit of partying with some girlfriends. Partying as in middle age mom style, which means really fattening foods my kids would never touch, wine and Season 1 of The Wire on DVD. In a house with no children. Or men. Jealous much?

Saturday - went to my Mac Getting Started class and learned how to operate my computer, for the most part.  Carlie had a soccer game, which her team lost, but she played like a fierce little demon, which we love.  After the soccer game, I did a little bit of good deedery at a church dinner, and got a delish free meal and chianti for my efforts.  Yay for being Catholic, the most partying religion on the block, yo.

Sunday - gave Bill Gates another big fat SUCK IT when 
I figured out how to load my MSN email as my default email on my Mac.  Yeah baby!  Went to church, did a little bit more volunteering in the gift shop (snooze fest).  Spent the rest of the day trying to load my MSN Explorer favorites into the Mac explorer and, woe is me, have not figured it out.... yet.

Things I did not do this weekend:
Grocery Shopping
Any form of exercise, for that matter
Income-generating work, of which I have much that I have not done, and am overwhelmingly behind.  

PS....  my Mac has a built in web cam.  How annoying is that going to be in, like, a day?  Also, would you like me to say MY MAC one more time?  How obnoxious am I when I get something new?


Lee said...

Yay for a new Mac! You should be that talkative about it, they are da bomb!! :)

Keetha said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. And you go with your Mac. That's awesome. :-)