Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids and Politics

Yesterday on the drive home from school I asked Carlie if her friends talk about politics at school.  Her response: "What's politics? And can we go to Starbucks?"

I said: "Politics is stuff like the election, the new president, and the government.  And yes."

Her response: "The new president needs to lower taxes because our country is running out of money. Can I have an orange mango Vivanno?"

So I guess in her class the focus has shifted from abortion to the economy. And her plan of LOWERING taxes to GENERATE income... genius! It explains a lot about her math grade. And the orange mango Vivanno... delish!  And the photo? Just because.


Charlene said...

Well about the economy, both our spouses have their own businesses, Obama will kill us in taxes, your brothers company makes to much money. So once again McCain it is.

My Name is Cat said...

People who think John McCain can go into office and lower taxes in during the economic crisis we're in right now are using the same thinking skills as Carli and her friends on the playground.

Lee said...

Brilliant daughter!

charlene said...

i understand peoples points of view i really do and i respect them, just know that barack obama doesn't work for everyone. my husband works his ass off and just because his company makes more 250,000 a year doesn't mean we have all kinds of cash at our disposal. he has employees and insurance. so the fact that obama wants to raise taxes on anyone making over 250,000 a year and saying that is not middle class is bulls&*t.