Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like being in a sweat lodge, but not

Carlie went on a sleepover last night. Taylor went out and did whatever 20-year-old boys do when they have no classes the next day (and do I really want to know what that is? no.) Erinna is at her mom's house. And Maggy, remember Maggy? Yeah, she ditched us all back in July and moved to Houston, taking Iris with her.

This chain of events lead to it being last night we had no kids in the house! What did we do to celebrate? Tim, packed his shit at 9 pm and decided to get a head start on fishing on his day off. So instead of leaving at 4 in the morning, he left at 9 pm, he'll get to the coast at 11 pm, sleep until 4 am and then get up and fish. Makes perfect sense, right?

And all of this? It left me HOME ALONE. Just the freaking way I like it, frankly.

Here's how I savored my home alone-ness: 

I watched shows on Tivo that I cannot watch when Tim is home, i.e. Dancing with the Stars and General Hospital: Night Shift (Hello, Antonio Sabato, Jr., how I have missed your bulging pecs.)

I organized the Flair on my Facebook corkboard (because, remember, I am actually a 14-year-old girl). Note: This is not my actual flair, because mine is now organized.

I ate a fun-sized Almond Joy from Carlie's stash of hidden Halloween candy (try again, missy, try again).

I read blogs for a ridiculous amount of time and then created a Google reader thing to update me when blogs I like are updated (because I am a geek.)

Then it was time for bed. To sleep in the bed. Alone. 

I got out the 300 lb velvet quilt from Pottery Barn that I cannot use on the bed when Tim is home (unless it is really, really cold out.) Then I cranked up the electric blanket, which is under the fitted sheet. Cranked it up to an 8 people, an 8! When Tim is home, I get to have my side turned on only, and am requested not to go past a 6. But last night, it was an 8 on both sides of the bed. And why do I need both sides of the bed artificially heated, you might wonder? Because I slept DIAGONAL ACROSS THE BED. Yeah, that's right. Jealous much?

Then at 2 a.m. I woke up, soaking wet, kind of like I had been in a sweat lodge, but not. And I could hear vampires scratching on my window screen (remember that scene in Lost Boys?). It was probably just rain, but I didn't look to make sure.
What do you think is scarier about these vampires: their fangs and blood-sucking lifestyle, or their 1987 look? Yeah, me too.

Hope everyone enjoys their day off! I have a deposition at 2 pm. WTF? Stupid unpatriotic attorneys. 

Oh, and when I was just searching for that Lost Boys photo? I found out that IMDB.com now has free video on their site, full length TV episodes, so now I can't get out of bed because, hello, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, full-length and for free.


Rogue Scholar said...

My flair is a totally unorganized mess. In fact, I can't even fit all my flair on my flair board b/c I have too much... and I don't want to get rid of things.

I too sleep in the middle of the bed (king size) when my husband isn't around. Although most of the time I'm sharing it with my 6 year old when daddy isn't home.

I absolutely love Buffy!! In fact, I was so stoked a few years ago when FX started at the beginning and played them in sequential order. I think you and I share parts of a brain when it comes to books and TV.


Anna See said...

I love spreading out across the entire bed when I'm alone. Nice!

The Lost Boys pic is freaky.

Keetha said...

Velvet quilt = lux and cozy.

I'm feeling left out. I have a sandbox on Facebook, no flair. I need to fix that, I guess, and maybe the cool kids will invite me to sit with them in the cafeteria.

I can't help it - I don't think the Edward Cullen character is all that good looking. I mean, he's attractive, sure, but he's not, you know, Edwardlicious.

Janet said...

"...vampires scratching on my window screen." ROFLMAO! I am so adding you to my blog reader hahahah! That and your Flair buttons :-)