Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fringe? 24?

Is anyone watching Fringe? I watched the first two episodes, am watching the third now, curious if it's worth sticking with. Other than the whole grown up Pacey factor.

Also, just watched the preview for the new 24 movie on 11/23. I heart Jack Bauer.


My Name is Cat said...

I watched the first 20 minutes of the first episode of Fringe and just thought it awful.

Lee said...

I am totally amazed (in a non-judgmental way) at how much TV you are able to watch. I think the last TV episode I watched was Curious George. Of course, the fact that your daughter is way more self-sufficient than my 2.5 year old son probably makes a big difference :)

Rogue Scholar said...

I've seen an episode just to see Pacey... it was okay. Nothing that was totally unique and innovative. But Joshua Jackson is still SO CUTE!!

Hey, btw... have you seen the previews for Twilight? I'm really having strong issues with this movie b/c I don't agree with the casting for the characters. I'm afraid I'm going to be dissappointed.


Lisa Milton said...

I am not giving up on Fringe. I've got a couple of episodes stored up to share with Greg, but he's not around so I might just jump in.

Story of my life.