Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grace/365 Days

Hellacious day at work + shooting pain in right shin + 4th grader with holy shit amount of homework and basketball practice in an hour = CHEEZ-ITs for dinner. But because I am a good mom? They are reduced fat cheez-its. So actually, kind of like health food. Plus? Note the Target brand gummy vitamins. Nutrious! Well Balanced!

Day 13 of 365 Days of Grace

I am thankful for:

1. All day jobs that end early

2. Sunshine

3. Packaged prepared frozen food

4. Microwave ovens

5. The knowledge that someday my son will move out of this house. Someday. Please, God.


Anonymous said...

where does one obtain that knowledge you speak of? Point me the direction please..

Shana said...

Dear Anonymous, it is pure and unadulterated faith that I have been good enough in this life to deserve this little karmic benefit. Fool that I am, I believe he will leave the nest before I have to kill him. Which could be soon.

Anna See said...

Since all vitamins make me gag, I'm thinking of trying my kids' gummy bears....Maybe chased w/ Cheezits.

Sorry your son is driving you crazy!

Kathy said...

no idea why i came in as anonymous...I came back seeking your answer and saw that!