Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Really? I've got nothing

This? Is a black hole. The epitomy of nothingness. Much like my blog content.

My blog has been suspiciously quiet lately. Because? I've got nothing going on. Work. Project Declutter. Packing. More Work. Kid Chauffering. Nothing noteworthy or exciting in the least.

I was gifted with some delicious blog fodder yesterday about a friend being pregnant under insane circumstances, but that story is hers to tell, not mine. So mum is the word. I'm also mentally planning a twitter bridal shower for someone who may or may not be getting virtually married. Or maybe a twitter-ette party? So many possibilities to ponder.

Other than that? I've got nothing.

My house is full of packed boxes. We're packing our stuff. To move. Because? We are fucking insane. My house? Not sold. Not even listed yet. New house? Not bought. Yet boxes everywhere, as if someone is leaving, like, any minute. It's total lunacy.

I spent my weekly two hours sitting in the Arthur Murray dance studio tonight while Carlie did the tango, foxtrot and cha cha. That kid? Is loving the ballroom dance. Seriously. She, like, lives for it. Tonight was her fourth week, which means the end of the "introductory package" that I paid for. So it was time to sign up for further lessons. Can I just say, ballroom dance? NOT CHEAP, PEOPLE. I had a small cardiac episode, but after doing the math, 20 weeks of dance will cost roughly the same thing as one season of select soccer. And here's the best part. Dance? Happens inside. I cannot tell you how much I will NOT MISS soccer games in the rain/wind/hail. Look at me, with my glass half-full and shit. Awesome.

Is anyone local doing anything fabulous for the 4th of July and would like the pleasure of my company? Because once again... we've got NOTHING going on. We're doing touch up painting around the house, packing more stuff and, this weekend, staging. I'm not even quite sure what I am going to do that will constitute staging, but, heh, I'll google it.


Keetha said...

I admire people who get out there and celebrate Independence Day. It's always too hot to much of anything around here except sit inside. Or maybe that's just me. :-)

OneTiredEma said...

You are really so not crazy for the decluttering and packing and stuff. Says she who has to do it. The sorting is the hardest part--I should have done it months and months ago because now I have boxes of books and bags of clothes and in addition to the actual packing I ALSO need to get to the thrift store/Goodwill and post office to mail shit to people and all that. Things that I so don't have time for.

But mysteriously I have time to read/write blogs. Hmm.

Anna See said...

Don't envy you surrounded by boxes. That's enoughto bring out my really bitchy side.