Friday, August 28, 2009

Bringing New Meaning to the Words "F My Life"

Your hard drive / My hard drive

My PC is dead. I am writing this from my beloved MacBook. Which I can't use for work. Because? Mac.

For work I use a PC running Windows XP. Not Vista. Because Vista? Is bullshit. Wherein bullshit = I refuse to pay the $1800 to upgrade my archaic court reporting software to work with Vista. Plus? Vista really is kind of bullshitty.

But now my PC is dead. I took it to the Geek Squad. They think it died of "internal filth." That's a quote. Apparently you're not supposed to let cats snuggle with the CPU. Whatever. Like I am supposed to know this stuff. I am not tech savvy. Excuse me.

They are unable to get anything off of the hard drive because it doesn't spin. I don't know what spin means, but apparently it's important. As soon as they said spin, though, all I could think was you spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round, round. And then? I don't know what else they said. Because? Ear worm.

I snapped out of it in time to learn that for a minimum of $300, they can send it off to someone who might or might not be able to get some data off of it. For $300 we can find out, and if they are able to recover anything, it'll cost more. Which basically is the cost of just getting a new CPU. But the new CPU? Won't have my data on it.

I am screwed. 

Things on that hard drive:
Family photos
Vacation photos
Carlie's performance videos
Photos and flyer for FSBO house
Work files - important ones, like court shit, ya'll
Invoicing - as in right now I have no idea who owes me money, who has paid their invoices, who needs to be rebilled
Other stuff that I cannot even think about right now because? I am screwed.

And before you ask, why, yes, I do have an external hard drive for backup. And the last time I used it was July 2008. Shut up.

At the rate this week is winding down, I am pretty sure a meteor will hit my house this weekend. And I? Probably don't have meteor insurance coverage. Because? F My Life.

UPDATE: Inhaling a quarter pounder with cheese surprisingly did not help the situation. Go figure.


Keetha said...

Uh oh. I don't have a silver lining here - SUCKS! I'm so so sorry. Maybe that lottery win will come through, right? AND you'll get a great offer Sunday.

Cat said...

I am backing up. TODAY.

HB said...

Guess I better figure out that backing up thing, too.... hopefully you found someone who could bring everything back to life - even just for a little bit...

Lindy said...

Everybody knows that a quarter pounder with cheese doesn't ALONE help the situation. You have to have the fries too.