Friday, August 28, 2009

Seriously? Hello boundary issues

The black and white flip flop with blue toenails is me. Carlie and her friend are on the other side of the very large children's section of the library. There are only two other people in the entire section and guess where they decide to park themselves? I will give you a clue, mom has on black boots and the kid is wearing green flip flops. I am not making this shit up. Seriously, all up in my grille.


Rogue Scholar said...

UGHH... that is my NUMBER ONE pet peeve (okay... it may not be number one, but it sure makes the top 5)

I hate when I'm in an empty parking lot and someone comes and parks RIGHT NEXT TO ME. HELLO?! See all the empty spots?! Your car does not need the company of mine while you are in the store!!

bernthis said...

your title said it all. I recommend next time not showering for a few days prior to going to the bookstore