Sunday, August 30, 2009

Overwhelming much?

One tiny corner of the huge computer section of Fry's. Is your head exploding yet?

I hate shopping for a new computer. I hate getting new computers. I would be happily plodding along on my 7-lb IBM Think Pad running Windows 98 if the world would let me. Have I mentioned that I am adverse to change? Wherein adverse to change means leave me the fuck alone, world.

But my PC died. And I need another. And there's a lot of drama and expense and blah blah blah involved in that with the end result of a field trip to Fry's 7th Circle of Electronic Hell for a new computer, with an operating system that I loathe and which is incompatible with much of what I do, but with the promise of a snazzy new Windows 7 upgrade on October 22. Whatever.

Lest I mislead, I should also clarify that I ONLY hate shopping for new computers. I pretty much love shopping for anything else. Especially purses. And shoes. And cars. And furniture. And... you get what I mean. I am a firm believer in more expensive REALLY DOES equate with better quality, and also that bigger REALLY IS better, as well as gluttony, sloth and excess.

But new computers make me feel old. Old and feeble. Old and feeble and mildly retarded. And mostly old. Old, as in what I thought of my mother when we introduced her to the concept of the newfangled *cordless phone* and she really did not want to part with that curley-cue cord that plugged into the phone and made it feel more like a *real phone.* 

So now I am going to scourge through the office and the guest room and the junk drawer and the CD collection and try to find software and drivers and whatever to load onto my new computer, with quad-core this and 4 gig that, which I kind of hate even though I have not officially even touched it yet, which I am sure I will learn to love, eventually, and which will probably die a fiery death as soon as I load shit on it and customize it and get familiar with it. Because? Have you met my track record with computers?

PS: can you tell by the number of links in this post that I am totally procrastinating going down to the office and actually doing all of the things I just described needing to do?


dkuroiwa said...

Just pour yourself a stiff drink and do it.
(i wonder if Nike wants to borrow that? :-) )

Shopping around for a computer is just nature's of way of telling me that,"Yes, really are that dumb." I usually get other people, who know what they're doing, to help me make the decision, 'cause really? when I bought my new little netbook, yeah...the main plus for me was the, baby!!
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

You seriously crack me up.

bernthis said...

I am a mac person gave up on PC's years ago. Still I also don't feel too bright when I bring that puppy home

Cat said...

Yes they can make you feel old, but I love new electronics. They're so shiny and hold so much promise. I kind of agree with your mom, though, because my cordless phone is the hardest thing I have to use for some reason. I've had it for a few years, but I still have to stop and think about how to do stuff on it every time.

Nap Warden said...

PC and I broke up:P I'm with MAC was expensive, but so worth it:)