Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

Maggy and Iris are coming to visit tomorrow. If you haven't been keeping up around here, Maggy is my grownup daughter (22) and Iris is her baby (18 months). Are you going to make me spell it out for you?

It means I am a grandmother. As in don't you wish your grandma was hot like me.

I am working on a blog post about what that is like, becoming a grandmother at age 41. Working title: Teen Pregnancy: Not For Wimps. Finding out that you're going to be a grandmother when you are the mother of a second grader is, shall we say, somewhat disconcerting. Wherein disconcerting = OMFG. Vodka. Vodka. Gulp.

Anyway, I shall have my lovely girls here to visit for a week beginning tomorrow. So I am going to be kind of quiet in the blogosphere. Also? Prepare to be bombarded with more unbearable cuteness as I blind the Internet with photos of the cutest girl ever.


Cat said...

Have a great visit.

bernthis said...

I cab barely handle being 44 and the mother of a six year old although I can tell you that I better be a grandma one day, at least you are now guaranteed to have that experience

HB said...

Have a great time!! We can wait for all the cuteness.

Anna See said...

Have a wondeful visit w/ your girls. I look forward to the pics.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Just now catching up, sorry.

ADORABLE! Totally worth young grandmotherhood, I bet :)