Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let the festivities begin...

We went to our first Halloween party of the "season" yesterday. Followed immediately by our second Halloween party of the season. Don't be jealous, that's just how we roll. Also? The "second party" is kind of a stretch since it was Carlie's school carnival. And we stayed, like, a nanosecond, long enough to drop her off and head to Cinetopia for Paranormal Activity. Date night, holla.

Uncle Marty's party is always a good time for the adults and the kids. The kids didn't have a keg. Ha ha, losers.
You might recall my recent fascination with homemade cake plates. Or you might not, because the post was immediately overshadowed by my recent-er fascination with f'ed up wedding cakes.

Any-hoo... I made a couple of cake plates, for sharing goodies at Halloween parties. This one consists of a plastic goblet and a plastic black plate, both from Dollar Tree. This is a make it and leave it at the party kind of plate.
Here we have a white platter from Dollar Tree, epoxied atop a $1.99 pedestal candle holder. Topped with a festive gourd. Because nothing says festive like a warty gourd. This one did not go to the party, it's serving as our centerpiece at the moment. Because warty gourds are kind of our design esthetic.
And my favorite one. A 99-cent swirly looking plate from Goodwill, atop a $1.99 silver tapered candle holder from Goodwill. Ignore the giant spiders.

Of course, I spent more time on the plates than I did on the treats, and at the last minute we didn't know what to take to the party. So we combed through the bathroom garbage cans and collected up our used q-tips. They were a big hit.
At this point, I'll note that the boys hosting the party we went to? They like gross stuff. Really gross stuff. Not so much with the scary, but the grosser the better.

I needed an excuse to cart around my new cake plates, so made some mini cupcakes. We had a little graveyard, some funky mummies and the red blobs... well, those were kind of a last minute save. See, Carlie had a nosebleed while we were decorating, and we didn't want to waste the cupcakes just because they were covered in bloody snot, so we threw some fangs and eyes on top and called it good.
And my favorites... the pumpkin patch.
I didn't have time to dress up, so I just went as my normal self.
If I had a better camera, you'd be able to see that my scarf? Is a bloody gauze bandage.

Carlie was a hippie chick for the party. For the carnival, she was a lady bug. But she's learned from experience that it's not a good idea to wear your "good" costume to Uncle Marty's party. Things tend to get a little rough at that party. Plus, she really likes changing outfits. A lot.
Our escort? The blind ref. Side note: I went to the Halloween costume store to find glasses and a cane for the blind ref. Couldn't find any. Asked the sales girl for Stevie Wonder glasses, she looked at me like she'd never heard of Stevie Wonder. Then I said, "You know, for a blind person, and I need a blind guy tapping cane." And she looked at me like I was an asshole. Hello? she's clerking in a store that is selling size 4T diva hooker costumes and I'm the asshole? I think not.
When the ref gets his sight back, I'll screw the head of the broom back on and clean this place up.

PS: Forgot this part. My giant hat? Was trashing the decorations in the house, like spider webs in doorways and such. So I took it off. And had two separate people comment on how they thought my hair (my real hair) was a witch wig. Um. Thanks?


Anonymous said...

4 words I never want to hear in real life: ignore the giant spiders.

Cool costumes. Have I told you you're funny?

Feener said...

why did i not realize how crafty you were ??

Shana said...

I am faux crafty. I can copy other people's ideas, but have no spark of creativity of my own.

Nap Warden said...

How can I ignore the gigantic spiders?!? I love the gigantic spiders!

katydidnot said...

q-tips. awesome. i'm stealing that.

you're gross.

Keetha said...

Can I come next year? You and yours know how to celebrate Halloween.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Okay, so the q-tips are marshmallows, peanut butter, but what are the stick parts made of?

Oh, and that's a really nice wig you're wearing.

CtotheT said...

my favorite about the witch hair. niiice.

dkuroiwa said...

"faux crafty"....that's me, too!!! and just to prove it, i'm stealing/borrowing some of YOUR ideas!!!
great costumes...loved the blind guy!! you guys are so much fun!!