Saturday, July 3, 2010

Choose your battles

I have a huge story to tell you about the aftermath of this event, but I am tired of hearing myself talk about it. So I'll just give you the abbreviated version. Carlie is fine and dandy, with nothing to show for the accident but a little scar on her eyelid/brow area. THANK GOD.

Eight days after the accident, I received a call from the insurance company for the grocery store to tell me that my "claim" has been denied. I didn't even file a claim! But that doesn't really matter, they just wanted to give me a courtesy call and let me know that, after investigating, they are denying liability.

I don't even want to go on any more about how they have their wine bottles precariously teetering on the end-caps of their store, or about the fact that I DID NOT FILE A CLAIM. But in the span of two harassing and unsolicited phone calls from "the man," I went from "accidents happen" to "OMG I will own your ass when this is done." And that? Is a place I do not want to go.

So let's take a poll. Does this look safe to you?
Wine bottles, stacked upon other cardboard boxes full of wine bottles, with nothing but a one inch rim of cardboard holding them in place.
Do you know how easy it is to round the corner at the end of the aisle and bump these displays? And when I took the photo, I gave the middle box a tiny shove and the bottles started to topple. I stopped them from falling. Because I am not 11 years old and saw it coming. But I digress...

I am so not looking for a legal battle. I have insurance (thank God) (but it's shitty insurance) that will hopefully cover the cost of the E.R. visit (if our deductible has been met). But I still have a $100 ER copay and the cost of the doctor's office visit co-pay (stitch removal) and whatever portion the insurance is not going to cover (I think best case scenario, they cover 70%. Like I said, shitty insurance).

And let's remember, I have yet to receive a hospital bill OR submit a bill for reimbursement to the store or their insurance company.

So can someone please tell me why they would choose to call and fuck with me? Really, I'm dying to know.

Also... how awesome are are my iPhone photos. Thank God I am easily distracted...


Cat said...

OMG! Assholes! You need to so own them. They think you're some dumbass who will be scared off by them. While your daughter will suffer the trauma of a life long scar plus she may never be able to drink red wine! I would be lawyering up if I were you.

San Diego Momma said...

Absolutely unsafe.

And a matter of time until it happens again.

Of course they have liability.

This pisses me off.

Keetha said...

What idiots.

Those wine bottles stacked like that is a nightmare waiting to happen. Anyone could round a corner, bump into one, and ... oh, wait.

The grocery store ought to be paying you hush money not to sue their dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

That appears to be the exact same setup I have seen in every liquor store I've ever been to. No offense but it's a wine store, not a playground.

Shana said...

Anon, thank you for your insights. But actually, this was in the GROCERY store, not a wine or liquor store, and this is actually the aisle between the wine and the bakery, where my kid was going on Father's Day to buy her dad some brownies. So, yeah. Two years later? And still pissed.