Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First Day of School

Carlie and Erinna both started school today. Erinna is a senior. She took awesome senior photos with Amy and I can't wait to see the rest.

But Erinna is a young adult, and my big kids don't like to be the subject of my blog. So that's all I am going to say about that. She's going to have a crazy/busy/awesome year.

Carlie, on the other hand, is still young enough to be denied access to my blog, so I can talk about her all I want. She started middle school today. I was absolutely traumatized. How pathetic is that?
You've got to remember, she has gone to the same small Catholic school since she was three years old. That's eight years in the same building. And now? Middle school. At a public school. Twice the size of her old school. Also? It's not just a middle school. This school serves grades 6-12. Which means that when I dropped my baby off for sixth grade today, we were greeted by grown men who still happen to be in high school. Seriously.

I had neglected to pay for her school lunches at orientation, so I had to go into the building with her this morning. The place was chaos. Huge teenagers everywhere, and because my shorty is literally a shorty, her face is, like, right at backpack height of all of these gargantuan teens. She was being battered by backpacks as we made our way to the cafeteria.

And then? She fell down the fucking stairs. I kid you not. Fell. Down. The. Stairs. On the first day of school. She wasn't hurt, but she was stunned and a little teary eyed. When she regained her composure, the only comment she made was, "Thank god no one saw me fall." (We were the only ones in the stairwell, because apparently i am the only parent who didn't pre-pay for lunches. yay me.)

I had a hard time leaving here there. She looked like a preschooler amongst all of those tweens and teens. I'm no rookie, I've been leaving kids at school since the early 90s, but this one was especially rough for me. This is a year of a lot of transition for our family, but especially for Carlie. We've moved out of the home that she was born into, we're living in a very small condo, she's basically gone from being one of four to an only child.

And now a new school for the first time ever. Oh! And she's riding the school bus home. She's never ridden a school bus before. Ever. The bus got her home at 5 p.m. FIVE P.M. In another couple of weeks, it'll be dark by 5 p.m. Oy.

And what about me? I need to form a whole new mom posse. At her old school, I had no less than a dozen people on speed dial that I could call if I were running late or needed any kind of help with transportation or a missing lunch, whatever. But now? I've got very limited back up. Plus? At her old school, I would have spent 20 minutes hanging out in the parking lot chatting with friends, and then ended up having coffee somewhere with someone. Today? Nada.

What? Now I'm supposed to make new friends? Honestly, I'm too old for this shit.


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm trying to imagine sending one of my girls into that situation and am feeling a bit freaked out. You are very brave!

This is the arts school, right?

Cat said...

Erinna looks like a model!

I went to a tiny Catholic school grades 1-6 and then to a huge Jr. High for 7th. That was a very tough year, so expect to be there for her with lots of hugs (but not in front of anyone of course) and ice cream - or whatever elixir smooths the way for her.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

It isn't that I don't think girls' brains and hearts should be valued over their beauty, I do. And all that. BUT Holy Moly your daughters are beautiful.

Middle school. Ack!

Shana said...

Yes, it is the Art School, which is an awesome school, and which is very small by public school standards -- about 550 kids, grades 6-12. But the change in size is relative, and she is coming in from VERY SMALL and also VERY FAMILIAR. Also, the change in age (old school was pre-8th grade) is ASTOUNDING. We are small people. My grown up kids are average sized. But the high schoolers we encountered yesterday were gargantuan! I'm not joking. There's some seriously healthy living going on around here to raise these big strapping kids. That added to nervousness, a tumble down the stairs and the general chaos of the first day of school totally had me freaked. I have to work today, so at least I won't be at home waiting for her to call and say COME GET ME, I WANT TO GO BACK TO LOURDES!

Shana said...
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Keetha said...

That is a lot of change, for you and for Carlie. No wonder you're thrown for a loop!

I, for one, am so freaking glad no one saw her fall down the stairs.

I'm wishing for you the cool mom friends. You'll find them. I mean, it's an ART SCHOOL. There have to be cool moms.

Both your girls are gorgeous, by the way.

Kathy said...

But the school doesn't release until what, 4:10ish? So that's not so bad on getting home at 5....and that means a longer day for you and not having to race back to pick her up at 3. yay, right? It's hard to find perspective when you're heart is feeling the growing pains of your kid. Tomorrow, drop her off then go find a New York Times, a cup of coffee and big cozy chair some where and enjoy the calm :)

Anna See said...

we're both too old for this shit. wish you lived closer b/c i need a posse, too.

loved the blow by blow of the day. i am sure carlie will have a great year!

and erinna? lovely!