Friday, September 10, 2010

Why my child is an only child when she actually has three siblings

I posted one of Erinna's senior photos on my last blog post, and commented that I rarely post about my "big" kids because they don't like it. Really, I'm not playing favorites. They Do. Not. Like. It. Sometimes I feel guilty, not on my blog, but in real life. I have real life acquaintances who think Carlie is an only child. And Carlie kind of functions like an only child. Except she has three siblings. When you have big kids and little kid(s), it gets complicated.

Also, it's next to impossible to get a decent family photo with adult children living hither and yon. So I thought I'd post up a couple of my favorite family photos, wherein family photo = you take what you can get.

These are in completely random order, because I have no control over my own blog. Thanks, Blogger.

This is what our current family configuration mostly consists of: Me, Tim, Carlie, August 2010

Why just three of us? Erinna is living with her bio mom and stepdad about 20 minutes away, plus has no interest in our lame family outings. Taylor is in Santa Barbara partying like a rock star, or make that extreme sport/skate star. And Maggy and Iris are in Houston, where Maggy is two semesters (squee!) away from finishing her AA.

Christmas 2009, The year of the homemade snuggy. This is the last time Taylor was home.

May 2010, two out of three sisters was the best we could do.

June 2010, one auntie and one tired niece.

Christmas 2007, the last time I had all of these people in the same place at the same time.

Christmas 2008, almost everyone home for Christmas.

August 2010, all the girls, except for Iris.
Like I said, you take what you can get.


Anna See said...

Loved to see these pictures!
xo, A

Kathy said...

I can't read it for the tears I'm crying for you.....oh the heart of a mama.

Keetha said...

Great photos! I enjoyed seeing them and feel your pain about not being able to get them together more often. :-(

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Pretty pretty, all of you :D

I think you're doing pretty good for such a spread of ages & places...

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

It's hard to get everyone together, and that's before any of mine can drive. Or move away from me.

I loved all these pictures.

Fantastic Forrest said...

This is prompting me to look at my own family photos, only to realize that I really need to round up my people and get someone with a camera to capture the moment.

It's so fun to see those bits of you in the faces of your kids. :-)

San Diego Momma said...

I love how much fun you all seem to have.

Also your boobs look GREAT.