Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing Dollhouse

Howdy, all. I am looking for some input on furniture arrangement, because what I have got going on right now is not working for me. I have moved and removed and rearranged and realigned my living/dining room furniture 200 times in the last month and, ick, not feeling the love.

Our condo has a long'ish living/dining combo room. On one end is the kitchen, on the other is the door to the balcony and a lovely river view. Between those two points we've got a fireplace, living space and dining space.

Blech. Boring.

We just had new tenants move into our old house, and they were not able to use some of the furniture pieces that we had left there, so a few of our old things have now moved into the condo, and the result is TOO MUCH STUFF IN TOO SMALL A SPACE. I think.

So, send me your genius ideas for a room makeover. Really! Do it! I neeeeed help. Here's a little visual tour.

Right side of the dining room. This mirror used to look nice hanging above the couch when the couch was on the wall. Now it looks dumb. So the mirror is coming down. Outside of that door and window is our balcony.
Left side of the living room. The TV above the fireplace is coming down. It's already claimed, just waiting for a pick up. The violin and music stand can also be put away since Carlie has not touched it since, um, December. See the thermostat and light switch? Well, if you were to keep walking past those you would go down the stairs to the front door, just for a little perspective.
Right side of the dining room. The only thing that is really "fixed" in this space is the lights above the table are where they are, therefore the table always has to be centered beneath the lights. Everything else is up for moving. The mirror leaning against the wall belongs upstairs, so that'll be moving.

Left side of the dining room. Here's my problem spot No. 1. The antique buffet just came "home" from the old house last week. It's too big. I love it, but it's too big. Not sure what to do with it. Also, the piano really has no place else to live. On the plus side, it's pretty unobtrusive.
The whole space from the kitchen looking toward the balcony.
And the whole space from the back door looking toward the kitchen. Of note: I HATE the couch. The first thing that will be replaced when we are buying furniture will be the couch. It's really the only "big" thing that needs replacing. So image the bulky overstuffed beast replaced with something low profile on peg legs.
And a close up of the buffet. Because it really is lovely. But should it stay or should it go?

Share your decor saavy with me in the comments. Please. I beg of you.


Maggie May said...

I have no decor savvy at the moment, outside of Pinterest :)))

Keetha said...

Sorry, the buffet stays. That's all I got!

Kara said...

It should stay. It has character.