Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sick Kid Blues

Yesterday was my first day back to work. At my new job. Which I started on Feb. 1, worked five days, and then had three weeks off. How much do you want to hire me right now? (Technically, I worked four days, had two weeks off, then worked one day and had another week off. Does that make me less of a loser?)

Of course, it could not have been an easy and uneventful transition from lollygagging to working. Of course not. No, Carlie had to stay home from school. She now has the stomach ick, the ick that knocked Tim on his ass for an entire week. The ick that put me in the hospital for 24 hours.

Setting aside the issue of "working mom leaving sick kid home alone" guilt, this is NOT a good time for Carlie to be sick. Last night was her one shot only interview to get into the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in the fall. I did what any good mother would do. I let her sleep all day, then gave her a false sense of "I'm not sick anymore" by pumping her full of gatorade and meclizine and dropping her off for the THREE AND A HALF HOUR interview process.

In my defense, she begged to go. She swore she was up to it. Who am I to argue with an 11 year old (insert sarcasm here).

She seemed to rally about an hour before the interview, was eating Goldfish crackers, watching You Tube videos, laughing and stressing over wardrobe choices. Ah, the sweet feeling of false recovery thanks to temporary acting medication.

She survived the full THREE AND A HALF HOURS, but looked a little worse for the wear when I picked her up. Wherein "worse for the wear" = OMG what kind of mother am I? this child is obviously ill.

She is taking another rest day today. Because tomorrow? OUTDOOR SCHOOL. Outdoor school is a 3-4 hour bus ride to a camp, where they will do fun outdoorsy schooly stuff for three days before coming home. A three day field trip. If she has to miss that, she will be devastated.

So another day of resting and pushing fluids. For her. But not for me.

Because, hello, just took three weeks off of my new job and CANNOT POSSIBLY CALL IN SICK AT THIS POINT.

In other news around town today:

Our sure thing buyers for our house have officially fallen through.

I have two house showings scheduled for this weekend and have been getting lots of calls, so I think (hope) the market might be picking up a little bit?

I have a 30% off your entire purchase at Kohls. I am not even the biggest Kohls fan, but for some reason this has me giddy.

I do believe I am 100% recovered from my medical ordeal otherwise known as February. And also? About five pounds lighter for my efforts. I know, it's kind of a drastic weight loss program. But still. Five pounds.


Cat said...

...is five pounds. Take it however you can get it.

Anna See said...

wow! hope carlie is full of vim and vigor tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hope Carlie has a great time at camp. I loved outdoor school!!

Also, I got that 30% off too and it is my hubby's birthday this week. So guess where he is getting his gift from. :)

Good job on the lost poundage!! Sorry you had to go through what you did to get it though.


Anonymous said...

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