Friday, January 1, 2010

2009... and that's a wrap

Goodbye 2009 hair. I firmly resolve that 2010 will be the year that I get and maintain an adult haircut. Seriously.

Happy 2010, Internet! Another year older and deeper in debt. Well, not really. Thank God one thing I can say about 2009 is that we are not deeper in debt. But still, what a great lyric.

My favorite part of starting a new year? The end of the *holiday season* wherein *holiday season* = OMFG can someone just MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY... NOW... and PS if you ring that goddamned bell at me one more time I am going to whack you in the head with it because, seriously, who the hell has cash? Can you swipe a debit card in that bucket thing? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Also, New Years Day = 49 days til my birthday. And while I am all bah humbug about Christmas, I do love me some birthday action. Not that the celebrating of the birthday has to be a lavish affair, but for every "no, let's not exchange gifts" of Christmas, I am, all, "where's my present, bitch," on my birthday.

Are you making resolutions this year? I am opting out of the resolution making. In place of a resolution, I am selecting a theme for 2010. A mantra. Something that I can apply across the board to various aspects of my life.


That's it. So simple, yet so effective. I'm going to STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT...

... before I eat a family-sized bag of Kettle Chips for dinner
... before I hit "post"
... before I hit the snooze button and blow off my workout
... before I BUY anything
... before I drunk dial/text/email ANYONE (you're welcome)

Just STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT. That's my goal for 2010. That and find a stupid effing hair cut for my stupid effing hippy momma hair.

As far as years go, 2009 is not going on my list of stellar years. The stellar years of the 00's would be: 2008-got LASIK, changed my life; 2005-U2 concert @ the Rose Garden; 2000-finished kitchen remodel.

No, 2009 will be remembered as the year we found an awesome townhouse, decided to move, and then found out that GWB had sucked the life out of our country and, surprise!, we can't sell our house. Thanks, W! Less. Than. Stellar.

My 2009 highlight: Ballroom Dance. Seriously. Carlie Belle has found her wings and is soaring. And as much as I bitch about the time I spend sitting on the ballroom couch during her lessons, it is far superior than sitting in a folding chair in the rain at a soccer practice. Or sitting in a humid indoor pool for swim team practice. Or sitting in my car for two hours at track practice to avoid talking to the other parents. I could go on. I won't.
Other than the fact that it will eventually bankrupt us, though, ballroom dance is awesome. If you have kids, and your kids *do stuff*, wherein *stuff* = soccer, tee-ball, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, swim, hockey, more soccer, piano lessons, violin lessons, choir, voice lessons, tap, ballet, art lessons, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, children's theatre, horseback riding, skateboarding, and cheerleading**, then you'll know what I'm talking about. There comes a time with each child when you find *their thing*, something they are (a) passionate about and (b) good at. I feel fortunate that Carlie has found *her thing* and it is an indoor activity with a couch and free wifi. So, thanks, 2009, for that. It does not compensate for the complete despair I feel about our FSBO efforts, but it's something. **Carlie has not done ALL of these activities. But I, as a parent of four, have done ALL of these activities with one child or another. Jealous? I thought so.

So here's to making 2010 a Stellar Year that will be remembered as: 2010-sold our house and moved. Plus health, prosperity, world peace, cure to cancer, etc. You know, the usuals.

For your reading pleasure, as you nurse your hangover, watch football and eat black-eyed peas or cabbage or whatever it is your people do for good luck in the new year, I leave you with...

2009, a year of blogging (the highlights)
January My love affair with Facebook blossomed.
February Carlie had a growth spurt.
March I am stupid, and kind of a lush.
April I decluttered my house.
May Carlie donated her hair to Locks of Love.
June Facebook recommended a friend for me.
July I did not go to Blogher.
August Carlie was in Hairspray and did a kick ass solo.
September I unsuccessfully attempted to bring down the practice of orthodontia.
October I was bombarded by rudeness, not once, but twice.
November My knowledge of Eighties movies saves the day.
December I put parameters on what I will/will not tolerate in a friend, revealing how shallow I really am.

UPDATE: OMFG, do you know how long it took to find and put in those links? Get a life, who?


Anonymous said...

I agree Christmas is over already. O.V.E.R.

The Salvation Army guy outside my JC Penney has a card swiper. No kidding.

Ha! I am the same way about my birthday (77 days). I so wish I could register somewhere like for a wedding or baby shower.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I am tired and pathetic, glued to my chair, but I will: a) remember your birthday and make with the gifting b) pray for the house to sell and c) look forward to the new 'do. I always love a change.

Oh. And I adore you and nearly worship your parenting heart for doing all those activities. I think I need a nap, just reading all those things.

Have a great day, dear one.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I like that your life has intersected with mine. I look forward to celebrating your birthday!

And if you're taking suggestions, I say go for hair like Amy's...

Happy 2010 :D

trifitmom said...

i just had at least 7 pieces of saltine crack that i made and i can't stop. but your STOP before you...

i am finally stopping and not putting anymore in my mouthj. at least for the next few minutes..

Anna See said...

loved the highlights and the low-lights. Here's to a great 2010!

Jen on the Edge said...

I've already packed up Christmas and removed it from my sight.

Except... for the kids' gifts that are still scattered hither and yon, but I'm dealing with them today.

I hope that 2010 is a good year for you.

OneTiredEma said...

you didn't highlight the broken toe? and the half marathon? i am all about the feet, apparently.

happy 2010!

Keetha said...

OMG I'm on a hair mission, too! Let's join forces.

Happy New Year to you. I love your month by month re-cap and wish I'd thought of doing the same. Maybe next year.

Oh my birthday is 19 days away. Woo hoo!

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Thanks for the advice with "stop and think about it." I've survived 2009 by telling myself to "stop and look" because I have become very clumsy and my bones are brittle! I'll adopt your phrase for 2010!

I LOVE YOU said...